USS SHARK, SS(N)591, Sailing List --- 1959-1996
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      This USS SHARK, SSN591, Sailing List site for the years 1959-1996 (from the time of its construction at Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co. until its ultimate disposal at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, WA), is an off-shot of my interest in finding Sharkmates from the years 1959-1963; but hopefully it can be used by others to accumulate shipmate information, especially from the contacts I have made, found, others that have found this site, or found me. It could include the entire crew members of those years. I have used on-line resources and the resources of others to get this far. If this site has found you, or you know of any of the Sharkmates you would like to include please Email me with any information you may have. Also forward any details of the Shark's operations, operational history, photos and sea stories, which are also of interest for inclusion into the operational History.
     Maintain periscope depth ... Barry, MM1SS(N)

      I have discontinued the distinction between 'Nuclear' and 'Conventional' trained Sharkmates. Now even Torpedo(persons) have had extensive training in nuclear disciplines and other crew mates have had training that have made the Submarine Service the greatest deterent for peace in our little planet. However, I cannot dismiss the charm of "Diesel Boats Forever" and I dearly miss that portion of the Submarine Service and to be a proud part of it. BRT
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59-62    Commander Gold Circle Star, COMMANDERS LIST Flag20      Sailor has Rested Oars       Flag20
61-63    Commissioning Crew Color, COMM CREW LIST Valid emails, Home/Residence Towns, State.
89-89    Decommissioning Crew Color, DECOMM CREW LIST, PHOTO Special Remarks, Sea Duty, and Information
84-86    Persons with an Associate Interest, Color Email failures are listed with a fog-gray background.
    Naval Unit Commendation (  ), Citations from the USS Shark 1st Award List or 2nd Award List.
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78-83 Abney Tim ET2(SS) Duvall, WA. [FB]
74-77 Abolafia Elliott Lieutenant  
73-.. Ackley John SK (SS) [ Failed ] Millville, NJ.
78-81 Adams Frederick Commander St. Marys, GA.
76-79 Adkins Kenneth A. ETCM(SS) GA.
82-86 Albertson Gregory S. STS2(SS) [ Failed 8/12 ] Omaha, NE. [FB]
72-73 Albright Douglas R. IC1(SS) Oceano, CA. [FB]
AlfordZeb D. Commander Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar (2009). Flag20
Commanding Officer USS SHARK SSN591 1962-1963
Commissioning XO USS TULIBEE SSN597, Commanding Officer USS SAM HOUSTON SSBN609, Retired as Captain.
Chairman USS Cavalla SS244 Historical Society.     [PHOTO] [MEMORIAL PAGES]
64*64 Allen  Jeffery RM3(SS) 
71-74 Allen Paul Michael IEM2(SS) Kissimmee, FL.
70-71 Almer Francis B. ETCM(SS) [ Failed 8/12 ] Bethlehem, PA.(Chief Of Boat)
89-90 Alonso Lee L. SKC(SS) Rockledge, FL.
89*89 Ames O. J. STSC(SS)  
66-.. Amoruso  A. P. Commander Executive Officer.
AndersonHarold "Hal" Commander USS Shark Commanding Officer, 1979-1983. Dryden, MI. [FB]
Also USS Sea Leopard (SS 483), USS Sea Devil (SSN 664), Chief Engineer USS Thomas A. Edison (SSBN 610) GOLD, Executive Officer USS Will Rogers (SSBN 659) BLUE. Retired as Captain. [PHOTO] [CARRER PAGE]
89*89 Anderson S. R. MS3(SS)  
60-61 Anthony Ted A. "Tony" SOC(SS) Lake Alfred, FL.
74-.. Anton James MM (SS) Mobile, AL. [FB]
..-.. Apodaca Fred UNKN Albuquerque, NM. [FB]
89*89 Appersom Mike T. FTG2(SS) Carrsville, VA. [FB]
61-63 Arntson Raymond E. EN1(SS) Cumberland, WI.
66-69 Arruda John C. ET (SS)  
60-.. Atwater George SD (SS)  
72-74 Ayers Raymond, "Keith" IC2(SS) Dallas, OR. [FB]
60-62 Baird Lyle D. YNCS(SS) Woodward, OK.
USS Sea Cat SS399, USS James Monroe SSBN622.
66-.. Baker  J. H. CSC  
75-78 Baker John D. MM1(SS) Navy Diver, Hobbs, NM.
60-60 Baker Wayne E. ET (SS)  
89*89 Baldwin B. W. QMSA(SU)  
85-87 Ball Ernest MMC(SS) Westminster, CO.
66-.. Ball  G. A. MM2(SS)  
64*64 Banks  "Spanky" MM3(SS) 
60-.. Bannister Robert L. Commander Niceville, FL.
60-.. Barnhill C. A. Lieutenant Medical Officer
65-65 Barry James E. QM (SS) [ Failed ] Brewster, NY.
84*84 Barton Lloyd MMC(SS)  
81-85 Barton Scott ST2(SS) [ Failed ] Detroit, MI.
60-.. Bartyzal Edward T. SK (SS)  
73-74 Baugh Robert V. MM1(SS) Springfield, OR.
78-80 Baumann Bruce M. ST (SS) [ Failed ] WA.
83-85 Baxter Douglas R. MM (SS) [ Failed 8/12 ]
Beals Brian A. STC(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. (2014) Flag20
75-78 Beasley James A. TM1(SS) Elmendorf, TX. [FB]
89-90 Beasley Scott B. EM1(SS) Sharpsburg, GA. [FB]
88-90 Bednarz Sean M. EMC(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. Flag20
75-78 Bees Larry UNKN [ Failed 12/13 ]
73-76 Bell David IC3(SS) Port St. Lucie, FL. [FB]
81-83 Bell Pete ET (SS) [ Failed ] Chicago, IL.
62-64 Bell Robert Commander Executive Officer, CO Quintarro, Retired as RADM.
81-.. Benjamin Alan RM (SS) [ Failed 8/12 ] Essex, MD. [FB]
66-.. Beno  Steve P. CS3(SS)  
80-80 Bentley Antonio STS3(SS)  
88-90 Berkhead Rick STS2(SS) Eden, NC. [FB]
78-82 Berry Robert O. MM1(SS) [ Failed 12/13 ] Manchester, UK [FB]
65-66 Best James EM!(SS)  
..-.. Bettick John G. RM2(SS) Glen Burnie, MD.
BieberKevin FT (SS) Kiel, WI. [FB] Also: USS Birmingham
SSN695 (80-82); USS Columbus SSN762 (91-93); USS San Juan SSN751 (93-96); USS Albany SSN753 (97-99).
89*89 Bierman B. G. MM1(SS)  
86-87 Bierkortte Troy MM1(SS) Scotland, CT.
65-66 Bird  J. M. "Billy" EM1(SS)  
81-84 Blake Donald ET (SS) or
84-88 Blenman Frank UNKN Sidney, OH. [FB]
64*64 Blevins Donald TM (SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. (2013) Flag20
87-90 Blount David A. EM1(SS) Freeville, NY. {FB]
83-85 Boccia David R. FT (SS) [ Failed ] Union, KY.
78-82 Boehmer Casey RM1(SS) [FB]
87-90 Bogart Matthew M. TM3(SS) Easthampton, MA. [FB]
81-83 Boiles Gregory S. MM1(SS) Eng Lab Tech Oakland, CA. [FB]
73-76 Boles Edward TM3(SS) Moore, OK. [FB]
77-81 Bollinger Stephan D. E-6(SS)  
85-89 Bolte Jerry A. RM2(SS) Sterling, CT.
..-.. Bonney Alexander UNKN  
89*89 Borga C. P. MM2(SS)  
66-.. Bowman  T. E. Lieutenant  
60-.. Bradley Charles H. YN (SS)  
71-74 Bradley Ross MM (SS) Walkersville, MD.
85-87 Bramlett Nathan A. ETCM(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL) Danielson, CT.
89*89 Branston B. K. MM3(SU)  
76-78 Braseth Peter Lieutenant Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. (2015) Flag20
65-.. Breault  Dale L. TM3(SS) [ Failed 8/12 ] Hartford, NY.
64-65 Brodd Ronald ET (SS) Albuquerque, NM.
71-75 Brooks Dick II ERT (SS) [ Failed ] Niantic, CT.
77-79 Brodsky Dale E-6(SS)  
72-.. Brough Robert ET (SS) Oviedo, FL.
72-.. Brown Dan UNKN  
89-90 Browning Robert E. ET3(SU)  
66-70 Brune John IC (SS) [ Failed ] Cedar Rapids, IA.
82-86 Bryant Arnold J. HM (SS) [ Failed 12/13 ] Bremerton, WA. [FB]
60-.. Buchanan Frank C. EN1(SS)  
86-89 Bull Matthew MM1(SS) [ Failed 8/12 ] Kittery, ME. [FB]
77-79 Burchfield Edward L. TM (SS) Hampton, CT.
80-83 Burdin David UNKN  
60-63 Burlingame Arthur F. ET (SS)  
74-.. Burns J. A. YNC(SS)  
81-.. Busath Joseph R. EM (SS) Sacramento, CA. [FB]
69-74 Busch Sidney R. STCS(SS) Goose Creek, SC. [FB]
81-85 Buse Michael UNKN  
64-67 Byars  Jesse R. MMC(SS) Cullman, AL.
73-.. Bybee Lewis ST (SS) [ Failed ] Springfield, IL.
73-77 Byrd John Lieutenant Retired as Rear Admirmal.
88-.. Cabana Brian K. Lieutenant Reactor Control Officer.
70-71 Caffin Rick IC3(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL)
66-.. Caldwell  R. S. QM1(SS)  
66-.. Calkins  A. W. Jr. QM3(SS)  
76-78 Callicutt Homer D. CWO4(SS) Norwich, CT. [FB]
89*89 Canavan T. M. FTG2(SS)  
79-83 Caplette Paul M. MM (SS) [ Failed 8/12 ] Oswego, NY.
81-82 Caraway John UNKN  
83-86 Carlson Tracy STS (SS) [ Failed 8/12 ]
85-88 Carper Eric J. Lieutenant Elect, Weapons Officer. Shrewsbury, MA.
Register at Eric's Homepage.
CarrRussell M. Commander USS Shark Commanding Officer, 1986-1989.
Decommissioning Commander. USS Lapon (SSN 661), Engineering Officer USS Pargo (SSN 650), Commissioning Executive Officer USS Hyman G. Rickover (SSN 709). [PHOTO] [CARRER PAGE]
66-.. Carruthers R. L. QM1(SS)  
74-77 Carter Nick UNKN  
66-.. Castle  R. E. IC3(SS)  
86-88 Catania Paul UNKN  
89*89 Cevela J. I. MM3(SU)  
80-.. Chamberlain Keith RM (SS) [ Failed 8/12 ] Charleston, NH.
89*89 Chamberlain Thomas S. FN(SS) [FB]
85-89 Champagne Michael L. EM2(SS), Austin, TX. [FB]
70-71 Chappel Lee C. E-6(SS) Kingsport, TN.
81-85 Chase Eric TM2(SS) Chester, MA. [FB]
75-76 Chatham Howard M. Lieutenant [ Failed ] Vienna, VA.
77-80 Chatlos David J. CS (SS) Wexford, PA.
60-.. Cheeks Andrew V. CS1(SS)  
84-.. Cheever James Commander Tampa, FL.
63-67 Chelgren  Karl W. ET1(SS)  
69-70 Chell Steve UNKN Cloque, MN
87-90 Chiasson Daniel J. FTG3(SS) Maynard, MA. [FB]
88-91 Chisholm James W. SKSN(SS)  
88-91 Chisholm James W. SKSN(SS) Maynard, MA. [FB]
59-62 Christianson Waldman F. ETC(SS) [ Failed ] West Paducah, KY.
86-87 Clark Mark W. MM1(SS) [ Failed 12/13 ] Willmington, MA.
81-85 Clark Robert B. UNKN  
60-.. Clifford Richard A. ENC(SS) Sequim, WA.
73-79 Coffey James ET2(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. (2015) Flag20
89*89 Cole David T. ET2(SS) Charlotte, NC. [FB]
84-85 Cole Richard Commander  [FB]
65-6 Cole  Terry E. EMCS(SS)  
89*89 Coleman T. R. IC3(SS)  
81-86 Coleman David (DJ) EM (SS) [ Failed 8/12 ] Anchorage, AK. [FB]
89-90 Colon Bob YN2(SS)  
66-.. Combs  L. R. MMC(SS)  
83-.. Conception Irving MS (SS) Providence, RI. [FB]
89*89 Cone T. R. RM3(SS)  
66-.. Considine  E. L. Jr. ETR2(SS)  
66-.. Constable  G. L. ETR2(SS)  
CookDonald MM2(SS) Mendon, MA. Retired MMCM(SS).
Also: USS Snook (SSN-592), USS Tullibee (SSN-597), USS Trepang (SSN-674), USS Sam Rayburn (SSBN-635).
73-74 Cook Lawrence L. UNKN Hudson Falls, NY. [FB]
70-72 Cooper Joel Ray HMC(SS) Moxee, WA. [FB]
74-76 Cooper Richard Lieutenant  
88-89 Cooper Todd J. ICC(SS) [ Failed 8/12 ] Stauton, IN.
CordeauMaurice RM (SS) [ Failed 8/12 ] Groton, CT.
Also: USS USS Ray (SSN-653), USS Lafayette (SSBN-616-G), USS Stonewall Jackson (SSBN-634-G).
68-.. Corso Brent UNKN  
..-.. Cosentino Dean A. ST (SS) [ Failed ] MA.
66-.. Cossey  J.D. Lieutenant  
76-.. Costellow Corey MM (SS) [ Failed 12/13 ] Long Beach, CA.
85-89 Coughlin Robert MS2(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL) [FB]
70-72 Courtney Earl UNKN  
85-89 Courtney Marc E. EM3(SS) [FB]
71-74 Covey Rick IC3(SS) Covington, KY.
88-88 Coy Donald STS2(SS) No. Charleston, SC.
71-75 Cozzetta Paul IC1(SS) Pueblo, CO.
..-.. Creighton William C. Lieutenant Springfield, VA.
89-90 Crise Brian UNKN  
60-.. Cristelli Dominick QM (SS)  
74-.. Crites   MM (SS)  
88-89 Cronin John M. MMC(SS) Bremerton, WA.
66-.. Crook  P. TMC(SS)  
60-.. Cross JosephSD (SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. Flag20
66-.. Crum  J. M. MM2(SS)  
61-62 Cruzan Gary ET3(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. Flag20
Entered NESEP, graduated Purdue EE, commissioned.
85-89 Cullers James R. ET2(SS) Attleboro, MA. [FB]
66-67 Cummings Kenneth W. CT1(SS) Morgan Hill, CA.
..-.. Cummings Richard MM (SS)  
66-.. Cummings  Richard L. MM2(SS)  
61-62 Dalton John MM (SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL)
83-86 Darby Sidney R. MM2(SS) AR. [FB]
64-65 Darvili Joe TM2(SS)
60-67 Davenport  Mackie J. STS2(SS) [ Failed ]
82-84 Davidson Edward MM1(SS) San Luis Obispo, CA. [FB]
65-66 Davidson  James J. MM3(SS) [ Failed ] St. Louis, MO.
60-.. Davis Donald T. YN (SS)  
66-.. Davis  F. SD2(SS)  
72-75 Davis Nars W-4(SS)  
60-.. Davis Webster C. EN (SS)  
64*64 Davis UNKN CS (SS) 
66-71 Davison Joe Lieutenant Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL) Reactor Control Officer
DavisonWayne C. MMC(SS) Ashland, KY. USS Whale SSN638,
USS Hardhead SS365, USS J C Calhoun SSBN630, USS Pargo SSN650, USS Tinosa SSN606, S1W Instructor.
66-.. Deane  J. RM1(SS)  
88-.. Delisle Steven E. ETC(SS)  
77-79 Dennis Don UNKN  
..-.. Derway George A. MMC(SS) Ravena, NY.
79-81 Desantis Nick UNKN
66-.. Devereaux  J. K. Jr. Commander Executive Officer.
59-63 DeVries Richard K. EN1(SS)  
60-.. DeWitt Larry D. MM1(SS)  
66-.. Dickenson  A. V. IC1(SS)  
DickisonNewell F. EM1(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. (1981) Flag20
 Dr. Julie Anne Braswell nee Dickison, Morganton, NC.; Youngest Daughter,
87-90 Dickson Robert K. EM3(SU)  
70-72 Dieter Lloyd MMC(SS) Philadelphia, PA.
60-62 Divens Arthur W. ETC(SS) [ Failed ] Severna Park, MD.
66-69 Dobrolet Michael J. MM2(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL) Vancleave, MS.
87-90 Dobson Tom K. MM2(SS) Dallas, TX.
73-75 Doerr Gary F. ET (SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. Flag20
80-83 Doleman Scott UNKN Long Beach, CA. [FB]
64-65 Dolin Patrick ET (SS) Albuquerque, NM.
DonlonJohn M. Commander USS Shark Commanding Officer, 1963-1965. Groton, CT.
USS Bang (SS 385); USS Halfbeak (SS 352), Executive Officer; USS Tinosa (SSN 606) Executive Officer: USS Woodrow Wilson (SSBN 624), Commanding Officer; SUB DIV 42; Sub Tender USS L.Y. Spear (AS 36) Commanding Officer; SUB RON SIX; COS Commander SUB GROUP 2. Retired as Captain. [PHOTO] [CARRER PAGE]
67-70 Donner Edmund B. IC2(SS) edonner2@comcast.netAugusta, GA. Navy Diver.
66-.. Douthey  C. M. IC1(SS)  
88-.. Doyle Marc H. Lieutenant Navops Officer.
..-.. Doyne Jeffery B. E-8(SS) Brecksville, OH.
60-62 Drake Francis R. ENC(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. Flag20
88-.. Dresser George B. Jr. Lieutenant Chemistry/Radcom Officer.
70-72 Duarte David E. STC(SS) Forsyth, GA.
88-.. Dudley Kevin STS (SS) Newport News, VA [FB]
64*64 Dudley UNKN STS (SS)  
83-87 Duff John E. E-3(SS)  
62-63 Dunkerley Charles MM3(SS) Clayton, SC. [FB}
63-.. Dunkerley   MM3(SU)  
60-.. Duprey Wilfred J. FT1(SS)  
85-86 Durst Terry UNKN  
61-63 Eastman Richard SOS3(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL)
61-62 Edwards   EN (SS)  
85-88 Egerton Karen A. (For MSO) E-5(SS)  
78-78 Enloe Daniel T. Midshipman
1st Class Shark as USNA MD1C)
Retired as Captain. Beaverton, OR.
74-78 Eppley Lyman L. ET (SS) Lufkin, TX. [FB]
73-.. Ernst   Lieutenant  
71-74 Erwin Ashley Lieutenant  
89*89 Estes D. E. EM3(SU)  
60-.. Evans Michael T. EM (SS)  
66-70 Evans  Roger A. MM2(SS) [ Failed ] Idaho Falls, ID.
FaganJohn F. "Jack" Commander Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar.(2003) Flag20
Commanding Officer USS Lewis and Clark (SSBN 644). Retired as Captain. Details on [MEMORIAL PAGE]    [PHOTO]
89*89 Farrand J. D. EM1(SS)  
89*89 Farrand D. C. MMFN(SU)  
83-85 Feaster Arnold N. QM3(SS) New Haven, CT. [FB] (1st boat)
88-90 Ferguson Mark G. ETC(SS) [ Failed] COB. Eastport, ME.
77-.. Ferguson Warren ST (SS) Venice, CA.
77-83 Fett Wally UNKN  
62-.. Fetterman   EM (SS)  
84-89 Ficke Christopher UNKN Ocean Beach, NJ [FB]
73-76 Field Richard Commander  
84-89 Finkler Steven J. STS2(SS) Lake Arrowhead, CA. [FB]
89*89 Fish J. M. MM2(SS)  
87-.. Fitch   Commander Executive Officer.
68-69 Fleck Harvey MMCS(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL)
66-.. Fletcher  H. R. SK1(SS)  
87-89 Fonseca Stevie MS2(SS) [FB] Bremerton, WA.
69-71 Fordyce John W. TMC(SS) [ Failed ] Indiana, PA.
69-70 Fornal Robert E. Lieutenant [ Failed ] Troy, OH.
65*65 Foster Dan UNKN ID.
87-90 Fourney Joseph M. ET2(SS)
81-85 Fowler Bryan EM1(SS) Monroe, MI. [FB]
87-88 Frangione Peter EMCM(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL)
60-.. Fraylick Carlton N. CS (SS)  
62-64 Franks James F. EMC(SS) Hot Springs Village, AR.
67-70 Frink Donald M. QMC(SS) [ Failed 6/11 ] COB. Dutton, AL.
89*89 Fritch Kevin W. Commander Exective Officer.
85-.. Fry Marc A. EM (SS) [ Failed 8/12 ] Chicago, IL. [FB]
60-.. Fultz Gene A. RMC(SS)  
64*64 Fuller Robert UNKN 
76-78 Fury Charles S. MMC(SS) Marrero, LA.
81-84 Gage M. B. Lieutenant [ Failed 12/13 ] Ewa Beach, HI.
76-80 Gager Arthur R. QMC(SS) Groton, CT.
65*65 Gant WaylonEM (SS)  
89*89 Gaytan A. C. MM1(SS)  
..-.. Gareau James MM (SS)  
60-.. Gardner Edward M. "Red" TM1(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. Flag20
83-85 Garrett Steve UNKN [ Failed 9/08 ] Baton Rouge, LA.
..-.. Gault James MM (SS) [Failed 8/12] Palm Bay, FL.
73-75 Gentile Thomas J. ETR3(SS) [ Failed 10/13 ] Newark Valley, NY.
66-.. George  Robert E. FN(SS)  
69-69 Getlein Joe, Jr. CTMC(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL) Hickory, NC.
84*84 Gibson Anthony "Tony" RMC(SS)  
74-.. Gillen William MMC(SS) Navarre, FL. [FB]
72-76 Girard Lawrence QM (SS) [ Failed ] Philadelphia, PA. Baton Rouge, LA.
80-83 Godbey Gregory UNKN  
67-69 Goerlich Gerald ET (SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL) Bethelem, PA.
73-75 Golden Rich STS2(SS) Uncasville, CT.
66-.. Goulette  J. I. TM2(SS)  
78-84 Grabarczyk John M. IC1(SS) Pueblo, CO. [FB]
75-77 Graham Phil Lieutenant  
64*64 Graham UNKN ETSN(SS) 
86-90 Grazulis Joseph A. MM2(SS) [ Failed ] Malvern, PA. [FB]
74-.. Green Dennis MMC(SS)  
83-84 Green Robert M. STCS(SS) [ Failed ] Salem CT.
66-.. Greenman  R. P. Lieutenant  
69-71 Gregory Bruce E-4(SS)  
72-76 Griffin James W. ETR2(SS) Snow Lakes Shores, MS. [FB]
60-.. Griffin Jerry D. ET1(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. Flag20
84-85 Griffin Shawn UNKN  
72-.. Groh Thomas UNKN Detroit, MI.
67-69 Grzeskowisk Richard T. ET (SS) Tucson, AZ.
67-.. Guilliams Clark EM (SS) [ Failed ] Independence, MO.
71-.. Guillotte Paul EM (SS) [ Failed 8/12 ] Williamstown, MA.
73-77 Gunsolus Daniel UNKN Jacksonville, FL.
66-.. Haberman  M. B. IC1(SS)  
64-71 Hahn ErnestUNKN  
89*89 Hale D. J. YN1(SS)  
72-76 Hall James I.FTGC(SS) Upper Fairmomt, VA. [FB]
76-80 Hall Mark V.EM1(SS) Duluth, GA
82-85 Halle KevinMS (SS) St. Marys, GA. [FB]
83-86 Hallquist Stephan A.ET1(SS) New London, CT. [FB]
60-62 Hamilton Dennis M. ICC(SS) Ledyard, CT
81-82 Handley Stanton L.MMC(SS) Colville, WA.
87-.. Hanke RobertMM2(SS) Port Washington, WI.
79-84 Hardgrove LeslieMM1(SS) Portland, OR. [FB]
84-87 Harless RickPN1(SS) Canterbury, CT. [FB]
78-80 Harley Liston R.RMC(SS) [ Failed ] Gales Ferry, CT.
76-79 Harrington GeneET1(SS)
85-89 Harris David J.MS2(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL)
85-90 Harris Tommy D. MS (SS) Saint Paul, NE. [FB]
60-.. Harris William E. MM (SS)  
85-87 Hatman Bobby R.ET1(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL)
66-.. Hays J. S. MM2(SS)  
89*89 Heikkinen J. A. MS1(SS)  
60-.. Helm Samual W. ICC(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. Flag20
60-.. Hennessey Linus E. QMC(SS)  
74-77 Henry David MM2(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. (1981) Flag20
Hensarling WayneEMC(SS) Pendleton, SC.
60-.. Hensley Howard E. EMC(SS) Blountville, TN.
64*64 Herr UNKN HM (SS) 
77-79 Herrin Randall ET (SS) Wilmington, DE. Navy Diver.
83-85 Herrinington Robert Daniel UNKN [ Failed 8/12 ] Dallas, TX. [FB]
66-.. Hickenbottom  A. E. Jr. RMC(SS)  
85-87 Hickory Michael A. MM1(SS) Barre, VT.
60-63 Higgins Daniel MM1(SS) [ Failed 10/13 ] Bozrah, CT.
82-86 Higgins Thomas K. ETSC(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. (2006) Flag20
60-.. Hill Richard L. ENC(SS)  
73-77 Hill Mike MM (SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. (2012) Flag20
86-89 Hinshaw Phillip A. IC1(SS) [ Failed ] Greenville, VA.
76-79 Hlavaty Kevin MM (SS) Ann Arbor, MI.
77-79 Hodges Franklin E. ST (SS) Groton, CT. [FB]
88-.. Hoefs Thomas T. EMC(SS)  
85-88 Hoffman Michael A. ET (SS) Felton, PA. [FB]
85-89 Hogshead Preston RN2(SS) Strafford, NH.
64-64 Hollaway Billy D. CT3(SS) No. Little Rock, AR.
72-73 Holshouser Jeff R. ST (SS) Wilmington, NC.
66-.. Holt  W. L. SN(SS)  
66-.. Honeycutt  D. K. QMC(SS)  
88-90 Hook Jerry D. RM3(SS)  
63-65 Horn David E. ENCM(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL)
..-.. Hossler David J. CT1(SS) Yuma, AZ.
66-.. Hovet  C. D. EM1(SS)  
60-.. Howard Calvin C. ICC(SS)  
85-90 Howard Gregory D. MM2(SS) [ Failed 8/12 ] Niantic, CT.
60-.. Howard Leroy N. HM (SS)  
81-84 Huddleson Kenneth E-7(SS)  
59-63 Hudson John W. CWO3(SS) Leesburg, FL.
66-.. Hughes  R.D. CS2  
..-.. Hughes Warren R. ENC(SS) Alameda, CA.
79-82 Hulderman Joe ET1(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL)
87-90 Hunt Clint O. QM3(SS)  
68-.. Hunter Wesley ET (SS) [ Failed ] New Paltz, NY.
88-90 Hurley Michael J. ICC(SS) [ Failed ] USSVI, FPO AE
89*89 Husaby James C. FN(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. (2015) Flag20
59-62 Hyder James L. EM1(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. Flag20
68-70 Irons Kenneth MM1(SS) [ Failed 6/11 ]
68-70 Irvin Marvin UNKN [ Failed ] "Scanning Sam."
62-.. Ivers Warren ETC(SS)  
JacksonGeorge W. Commander Commanding Officer, USS SHARK SSN591 1983-1986.
Retired as Captain. [PHOTO]
60-.. Jackson Louis C. EN (SS)  
77-84 Jacobs Tony E-6(SS)  
59-62 Jacobsen Paul N. SN (SS)  
84-87 Jagen Ted TM (SS) [ Failed 8/12 ] Friendswood, TX. [FB]
62-.. Jahnke Henry CPO COB
72-76 James William MM2(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL)
66-.. James  W. T. YN1(SS)  
60-.. Jeffords Thomas P. SN (SS) [ Failed 9/11 ] Beverly Hills, FL.
60-.. Jenkins Carl E. PN (SS)  
..-.. Jensen Gary UNKN [ Failed 2/14 ]  
88-.. Jensen Terry L. EMC(SS)  
73-.. Jessen Richard ET (SS) [ Failed ] Fresno, CA.
90-90 Jewett Carl Commander  
73-75 Jewett John Lieutenant  
60-.. Johns Norman M. MM1(SS)  
86-89 Johnson Curtis MS1(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL) [FB]
89-90 Johnson Donald L. MS2(SS) [ Failed 8/12 ] Visalia, CA. [FB]
82-.. Johnson Douglas MM (SS) [Failed] Gurnee, IL.
84-88 Johnson Eric H. Lieutenant Reastor Controls Assistanr Officer
82-.. Johnson Michael A. ET (SS) Reactor Operator?, San Clemente, CA. [FB]
64-67 Johnson  Wesley M. ETR2(SS) Tampa, FL.
66-.. Joliet  J. E. EM2(SS)  
87-90 Jones Donald D. RMC(SS) [ Failed ] Phoenix, AZ.
66-69 Jones Howard QMC(SS) Ludlow, MA.
81-85 Jones Norman MM2(SS) Georgetown, KY. [FB]
89*89 Junkins Bruce R. ET2(SS) Berwick, ME. [FB]
74-.. Kaffenburger John MM (SS)  
..-80 Kapiotis Charles FT (SS) Cincinnati, OH.
79-80 Karpinski Richard MM3(SS)  
81-.. Kaschner George EM (SS) Santa Fe, NM.
84-86 Kasperian Andrew M. N/A Ludowici, GA.
Associate, worked as a lagger during overhaul.
83-83 Kavanaugh Timothy B. EM1(SS)  
89*89 Keatly T. S. SKSN(SS)  
60-62 Keck Alvin D. ETC(SS) Virginia Beach, VA.
..-.. Keckler   UNKN  
80-81 Keefer Richard UNKN  
79-84 Keller Robert TMC(SS) Albany, OR. [FB]
87-89 Keller Eugene EM1(SS) East Kingston, NH. [FB]
88-.. Kellerman James W. Lieutenant Supply Officer
KellnAlbert L. Commander Engineering, Executive Officer. Magnolia, TX.
CDR, CO, Commissioning, USS Ray SSN-653, Retired as Rear Admiral, NSL Board of Directors. [PHOTO]
60-63 Kellogg III Edward S. Lieutenant Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar, 2013. Flag20
65-68 Kelly Thomas STS3(SU) [FB]
Kelsey  Robert L. Commander Commanding Officer, USS SHARK SSN591 1965-1968.
Retired as Captain
85-86 Kemp David STS (SS) Tampa, FL. [FB]
76-78 Kempf Randall QM (SS) Goleta, CA.
78=78 Kennedy William UNKN  
75-75 Keuhlen Phillip J. Lieutenant Richland, WA. [FB]
81-85 Keyes Theodore F. IC (SS) DeBary, FL.
83-85 Kidwell Bob MM1(SS) Granbury, TX.
64-66 Kiessling  /td> David L. MMC(SS)
74-78 Kimmel Dennis MMC(SS) Vista, CA.
80-83 King Paul IC2(SS) Elizabethtown, PA.
83*83 Kingsley Cary A. UNKN Sylvania, OH. [FB]
77-79 Kinnard Robert "Bobby" STS2(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar (1979). Flag20
70-72 Kinsey Jimmy W. CS3(SS) [ Failed 8/12 ] St. Marys, GA.
72-76 Kirkland Michael QM1(SS)
72-76 Kirkpatrick James UNKN  
64*64 Klein  F. J. Jr. IC2(SS)  
72-76 Klein  G. W. EM3(SS)  
..-.. Klimek Joe CPO(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. Flag20
..-.. Kluth Thomas E. STS2(SS) Edgewater, MD.
79-82 Knarr Joseph E. MS2(SS) [ Failed ] Chester, PA.
88-.. Knokey Stanley E. MMC(SS)  
85-88 Koch John FT2(SS) sunsettt@sbcglobal.netJewell City, CT. [FB]
74-76 Kolody Paul Lieutenant  
87-89 Kraemer Thomas D. Lieutenant Main Propulsion Assistant. Pawcatuck, CT.
89*89 Kramak S. J. MS3(SS)  
70-74 Krause Daryl QM1(SS) Independence, MO.
89-89 Kruppa Eugene C. IC1(SS) Manor, TX
73-74 Kuga Charles N. MM (SS) Orlando, FL.
64*64 Kuhler  UNKN UNKN 
79-81 Kuhn Raymond R. MMCM(SS) COB Spokane, WA. [FB]
80-.. Kurasavage Ted SCET (SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. (2012) Flag20
76-78 LaGassa Robert Commander Executive Officer, USS Shark NH.
  Commanding Oficer, USS Von Setuben SSNB632, 1978-1984
60-60 Lahaszow John S. MMC(SS)  
60-.. Lamb George E. EMC(SS)  
60-.. Lambert Robert E. IC (SS)  
64*64 Lambert UNKN SN(SS) 
66-.. Lang  J. R. Lieutenant  
61-63 Lange Gordon W. Lieutenant Groton Long Point, CT.
71-76 Langford Len L. MM (SS) Pascagoula, MS.
 NESEP (BS/MS Mechanical Engineering) Commissioned, USS James Monroe SSBN622(G) Weapons Officer
60-.. Lanoue Donald B. Jr. QM (SS)  
LargeWilliam R. III Captain Commanding Officer 1989-Disposal**. CA
Last Commander of the SHARK. USS Drum (SSN 677), USS Thomas Jefferson (SSBN 618), USS Seadragon (SSN 584),
1st Tour USS Shark (SSN 591), Executive Officer USS Seawolf (SSN 575), Commanding Officer USS Plunger (SSN 595).
71-75 Laricks James Lieutenant Dallas, TX.
RC, M, E, A Divisions (Sometimes several at once).
77-81 Lasky Ralph E-5(SS)  
83-.. Latania Paul J. UNKN North Reading, MA.
71-73 Lauer David A. ET2(SS) Berwick, PA
76-79 Lawrence Stephan MS3(SS) Pascagoula, MS. [FB]
72-76 Laws David T. Lieutenant [ Failed 10/13 ] Baltimore, MD.[FB]
86-.. Lawton Bruce Lieutenant Purcellville, VA. [FB]
60-.. Leaven Larry J. SN (SS)  
73-79 Ledo Michael MM (SS) [ Failed 8/12 ]
66-66 Lee Jerry B. CT (SS) [ Failed ]
66-.. Lees  M. J. Lieutenant  
69-69 Leifur Duane CTRC(SS) Pensacola, FL.
66-.. Leiper  R. J. FTGSN(SS)  
64-66 Lenhard  Walter G. ENC(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. Flag20
64*64 Lennon John STSSN(SS) 
66-.. Leonard  E. D. EM2(SS)  
59-63 Levey Sandy N. Lieutenant [ Failed 10/13 ]
Weapons Officer, Retired as Captain. Lansdowne, VA.
79-83 Lewis Barry E-6(SS)  
89*89 Lewis E. E. MM2(SS)  
75-79 Licata Lee A. Commander APO AE
87-90 Linder Ed O. EM3(SS) Everett, WA. [FB]
64-67 Linnebur Clem J. EM (SS) Norwalk, CA.
64-66 Little  George Robert STS1(SS) Lovelock, NV.
81-87 Long Douglas UNKN Silver City, NM. [FB]
63-65 Long James J. EMC(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. (2005) Flag20
64*64 Long  M. E. ET3(SS) 
60-.. Loop Stephan QM (SS)  
66-.. Loos  D. H. STS1(SS)  
86-89 Lopopolo John ET1(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL)
60-.. Loranger Richard G. RM (SS)  
60-.. Lowman Joel P. EM (SS)  
69-70 Lowe Ronnie V. IC (SS) [ Failed 8/12 ] Snellville, GA.
86-88 Lucero Joe UNKN  
84-86 84-86 Kenneth EM2(SS) Brentwood, NY.
64-66 Lynch  James R. Lieutenant  
73-74 MacFarlane Douglas UNKN  
67-68 MacInnis Neil, Jr. Lieutenant (Son)
73-76 MacMillan Donald S. ICFN(SS) Biloxi, MS.
81-86 Mader Thomas W. Commander, Executive Officer. Retired as Captain.
Homepage Vallejo, CA.
77-82 Manderfield Richard C. MMCS(SS) Biloxi, MS.
66-.. Mann  C. R. SD2(SS)  
66-.. Mapes  P. D. IC1(SS)  
69-72 Marcus David B. YN3(SS) Edison, NJ. [FB]
60-.. Marquess Raymond C. HMC(SS)  
84-87 Marsan Darryl E-5(SS) [FB]
73-75 Marshal John MM (SS) Went to OCS
MarshallJ. Allen Commander Commanding Officer, USS SHARK SSN591 1977-1979. Aiken, SC. Retired as Captain.
60-.. Martin Billie R. IC (SS)  
87-90 Martino Peter D. Lieutenant Weapons Officer [Failed] New York, NY.
66-.. Marvin  T. H. Lieutenant  
89*89 Mason C. M. MM3(SU)  
76-78 Matson Will FTC(SS)
72-.. Matthews Gerald CPO(SS) Lakeland, FL.
64*64 Mayer  Denver MM (SS) 
78-80 McBeth Roger UNKN  
60-62 McCarty Von D. IC (SS)  
72-76 McCauley Edward MM2(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL)
82-83 McClarin David IC1SS Bremerton, WA. [FB]
..-.. McCoy Ken UNKN Lakeland, FL.
60-.. McDaniel Leon M. EM (SS)  
60-62 McDonough James G. ENC(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. (1998) Flag20
66-.. McFarland  R. D. MM2(SS)  
71-73 McGavren Steve IC2(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL)
74-.. McGinnis   ET (SS)  
60-.. McGowan Kenneth A. ET (SS)  
72-76 McGuffee Michael (Mike) MM (SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. (2016) Flag20
86-90 McKinley Danny Joe MM1(SS) Bay City, TX. [FB]
70-72 McKinnell Arthur ET1(SS) San Diego, CA.
66-.. McKinney  H. C. Lieutenant  
66-.. McKinney  L. "A" RM1(SS)  
70-72 McLeod Mark TM (SS) Wooster, OH.
63-64 McNalley James STS (SS)  
..-.. McManus Hugh UNKN  
71-73 McNamara Dave MM (SS) Binghamton, NY.
Retired CUCM(SS) USNR SeaBees 2007.
76-80 McNeel Rodney D. ET2(SS) Austin, TX. [FB]
74-.. Meagan   MM (SS)  
69-72 Meagher Timothy T. SN (SS) [ Failed ] Ronkonkoma, NY.
75-80 Meier Robert SN (SS) Angleton, TX. [FB] (A-Gang)
60-63 Meilstrup James R. EMC(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. (2010)) Flag20
71-75 Melco Bruce E-3(SS)  
73-75 Melvin Gregg STS2(SS) Montgomery Village, MD. [FB]
80-85 Meyer Edmond J. "Joe" EM1(SS) Newport, MI. [FB]
66-.. Michael  J. M. MM1(SS)  
66-69 Midolo Steve F. TM2(SS) Northport, FL.
64-69 Mikulak  Patrick P. MM3(SS)  
67-68 Miller Edward E. ET1(SS) Bremerton, WA.
89-90 Miller Gary G. EM2(SS) Gardner, MA. [FB]
64-64 Miller Ronald W. EN (SS) [ Failed 8/12 ] Miramar, FL. (CWO-2)
81-83 Mines Alex S. QMC(SS) Benicia, CA.
76-81 Minihan John E-6(SS)  
62-66 Minter  Dean D. EM1(SS) Basye, VA.
78-82 Mitchell Roger Lieutenant San Diego, CA.
 Reactor Control, Electronics, Weapons Officer; Damage Control Assistant.
67-68 Mize Stanley A. ET1(SS) Sevierville, TN.
64-68 Moats  Ronald F. TM3(SS) Keedysville, MD.
66-69 Modolo Steven TM2(SS)  
73-77 Mohon Steven MM1(SS) Virginia Beach, VA.
86-89 Mojica J. Danny SK3(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL) [FB}
83-85< Monaghan Paul E. Commander  
75-77< Mooney Michael UNKN  
89*89 Moreno K. J. FN(SU)  
75-78 Morgan James H. E-6(SS) Pikeville, TN. [FB]
79-84 Morr David B. MM (SS) [ Failed 8/12 ] Fulton, NY.
59-62 Morris Duard I. ET (SS) [ Failed 9/11 ] Albuquerque, NM.
79-84 Morris Ted L. MM (SS) [ Failed ] Blythe, CA.
81-84 Morrison Ronnie J. STC(SS) Tampa, FL. [FB]
70-70 Morrow John W. E-5(SS)  
68-71 Mosier David W. Commander, NC.
64*64 Mosler UNKN YN3(SS) 
86-88 Mosley James L.(Jimmy) HMC, [FB]
70-72 Moss Tom UNKN  
70-72 Moussette David Lieutenant  
60-.. Moyle Robert K. MMC(SS) [ Failed ] Fleetwood, PA.
73-75 Murphy Gary D. RM (SS) Mesa, AZ. [FB}
73-78 Murphy John Michael "Mike" FTG1(SS) Charles Town, WV. [FB]
 Flight Assurance Manager, Orbital Sciences Corporation Dulles, VA.
65-67 Murphy  Richard F. ET1(SS)  
75-77 Murphy Stephen P. MS3(SS) Prospect, CT.
60-63 Murray Byron A. "Dice" EN1(SS) Unknown status from Greeley, CO.
89*89 Muse C. B. TM1(SS)  
88-.. Musser David E. Lieutenant Assistant Engineer.
79-84 Myer Bradley UNKN  
88-.. Myers John F. IV Lieutenant Electrical, Intercommunications Officer. Lowie, MI.
86-87 Myers Thomas H. MM (SS) Silvis, IL.
79-81 Nadeau William Commander Egineering Officer.
66-.. Narragon  M. E. MM2(SS)  
87-89 Neely Michael MM (SS) Birmingham, AL. [FB]
71-73 Nephew Joseph MM (SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL) Boston, MA.
69-.. Nichols Steven MM (SS) Thousand Oaks, CA.
71-73 Norris Timothy L. IC (SS) Atlanta, GA. Navy Diver.
87-88 Nolte Nick MM1(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL)
..-.. Norton Charles R. UNKN Saratoga Springs, NY.
83-88 Norton Dag E-5(SS) Atlanta, GA. [FB]
83-87 O'Brien Patrick IC1(SS) Savannah, GA.
82-86 O'Conner Casey MM2(SS) Lamar, AR. [FB]
63-65 O'Hara Charles "Chuck" Commander M-Division, Weapons Officer.
Silverdale, WA; Retired as Captain.
68-70 O'Hearn Richard W. RMC(SS) Easton, PA.
89*89 Odor R. J. RM2(SS)  
74-79 Oelrichs David R. MM (SS) [Failed 8/12] Jefferson City, MO. [FB]
66-.. Oertel  J. T. STC(SS)  
76-79 Oldread William F. ET (SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. (2013) Flag20.
60-.. Olejasz Charles S. EN (SS)  
66-.. Olson  T. J. TM3(SS)  
80-.. Orzel Joe UNKN Providence, RI.
89*89 Olszewski C. SN(SU)  
66-66 Ortmans  M. E. Commander On assignment from the Royal Navy.
64*64 Otis  William R. EN2(SS)  
65-71 Otto  Charles R. ST1(SS) Columbus Grove, OH.
80-83 Overway L. Paul STS(SS) Holland, MI. [FB]
68-68 Panichi Donald J. YNC(SS) [ Failed 8/12 ] Mildred, PA.
90-.. Parnell Timothy E. Lieutenant Operations Officer.
64*64 Parnell UNKN UNKN 
66-68 Parrish William, "Bill" RM3(SS) Ft. Worth, TX.
81-83 Parsons Steele UNKN Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL)
81-.. Parzych Dan EM (SS) [ Failed as ] Akron, NY.
73-.. Patch Frank Commander Engineering Officer.
72-77 Patterson Ronald E. MMSC(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. (2009) Flag20
1974 - 1977 Chief of the Boat.
65-66 Pawloski  Joe W. EM2(SS)  
60-.. Pearson Troy L. ET (SS)  
88-89 Pease Ricky R. SK (SS) St. Joseph, MO.
86-90 Pendexter David E. STS1(SS) [ Failed 8/12 ] Groton, CT. [FB]
72-76 Penque Louis J. (Lou) MM (SS) Chatanooga, TN. [FB]
62-63 Perry Robert D. HMC(SS) New London, CT.
81-83 Persons Steele UNKN Sharpsburg, GA. [FB]
89*89 Peters D. L. YNSN(SS)  
65-.. Peters  Lester L. FTC(SS) Brookhaven, MS.
..-.. Peterson Mark UNKN [ Failed ]
70-73 Pettijean George Commander  
60-.. Philbert Ronald G. EN1(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. Flag20
62-65 Photinos Bill MM (SS), FL.
86-88 Pickett Phillip R. ET2(SS)
86-89 Piepiora Mark MM (SS) Buckeye, AZ. [FB]
60-.. Piggott Paul E. TM (SS)  
..-.. Piskin Kemal O. Lieutenant  
71-75 Pitney John Lieutenant Weapons Officer, Retired as Captain; Kansas City, KS.
84-87 Pittman Rodney UNKN  
75-79 Ponko Thomas D. Commander Hampton, VA.
73-.. Poole Warren Lieutenant  
74-.. Popalarski   IC (SS)  
84-86 Poppe Hubert H. MMC(SS) Groton, CT.
..-.. Porter Maynard MM (SS)  
86-89 Porter Michael D. MM2(SS) [ Failed ] Dallas, TX.
89*89 Potenza Dan C. ET1(SS) Southborough, MA. [FB]
89*89 Potts C. F. EM2(SS)  
72-.. Powell Ed UNKN  
61-66 Powell Felix E. MM2(SS) Hillsboro, IL. [FB]
85-88 Powell Michael L. QMC(SS) Idaho Falls, ID. [FB]
80-83 Powers Matthew MM (SS) Kettering, OH. [FB]
80-.. Presto Anthony Lieutenant Supply Officer.
66-.. Preston  G. W. MM3(SS)  
63-65 Prevatte Richard EM1(SS) [ Failed 8/12 ] Brooksville, FL.
67-71 Ptak Robert EN (SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. (2009) Flag20
..-.. Pullen Paul EN (SS) [ Failed 8/12 ]
62-.. Purdy   IC (SS)  
60-.. Purky Robert K. RM (SS)  
88-.. Quave W. R. 'Mark' MM1(SS)  
66-.. Queen  C. M. MM1(SS)  
70-72 Rabidoux Robert MMC(SS) [ Failed ] Chesapeake, VA. WO-1 1/72
72*72 Rakoski Joseph IC?(SS)  
89*89 Ralph M. A. MM3(SS)  
88-.. Ramirez Nelson MS1(SS)  
80-82 Ransel Andy UNKN  
82-85 Ranum Dale T. ET1(SS) Newburg, OR. [FB]
89*89 Rathfelder T. L. ET1(SS)  
68-70 Razzuti Carl MM (SS) Allentown, PA.
83-87 Reader David E-9(SS)  
66-.. Readwin  R. W. HMC  
60-.. Rebman Arthur A. IC1(SS) Norfolk, VA.
66-.. Reed  H. W. HMC(SS)  
72-76 Reedy Robert MM1(SS) [ Failed ] Tulsa, OK.
69-.. Reeks Guy CPO(SS) [ Failed ] Pioneer, LA.
88-.. Reese Howard F. Commander Engineering Officer.
87-89 Register Allen STS (SS) Palmdale, FL. [FB]
71-75 Reha Larry MM2(SS) Harsens Island, MI
84-86 Reiley >Mark RM (SS) [ Failed ] Chicago, IL.
60-.. Reiley Tex D. TMC(SS) Chief of the Boat.
83-86 Renard Henry J. "Hank" MM (SS)  
76-80 Renoe Tom UNKN Afganistan.
89-94 Renolds James J. (Jay) MM1(SS) Oxford, PA. [FB]
83-86 Richards Jeff H. Lieutenant RCA, Sonar, Weapons Officer.
Retired as Commander. Spring Branch, TX.
60-.. Riddle Charles F. EM1(SS)  
..-.. Rivas Andrew J. E-3(SS) Staten Island, NY.
70-74 Roberts James D. MM (SS) [ {Failed ] Aurora, CO.
84-88 Robinson Alan FT1(SS) Indianapolis, IN.
60-.. Robinson Sterling B. SN (SS)  
86-90 Rodgers Kenneth MM (SS)
80-83 Rodriquez Hector E-4(SS) [FB]
79-79 Roeske Ernest J. Captain Norfolk, VA.
RoesenerGlenn E. ST1(SS) Coquille, OR. [FB]
Consulting Website Photography Website
89*89 Rogers K. E. MM1(SS)  
60-.. Ross Alexander W. EM (SS)  
87-87 Ross Bruce MSCS(SS) Bowdoinham, ME.
72-73 Rowe Chester EM1(SS) Maryville, TN.
76-78 Royce William E-5(SS)  
89*89 Ruiz M. A. TMSN(SU)  
59-61 Russell James F. IC3(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL)
72-75 Rutkowski Joe IC2(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. (1976) Flag20
78-82 Ryan Charlie EM (SS)
60-.. Safford James D. TM (SS)  
66-.. St. Germaine  E. D. TM (SS)  
71-73 Salzbach Ronald F. YN (SS) Roanoke, VA. [FB]
89*89 Sanchez R. A. SN(SU)  
72-73 Sanders Siegfried MM2(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL)
61-.. Santee   QM (SS)  
77-80 Sargent James A. STCS(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL) Hampton, VA.
61-62 Saunders James QM2(SS)
87-90 Scalzitti Michael E. IC2(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL)
89*89 Schaaf M. J. FN(SU)  
60-.. Schermerhorn William M. ENC(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. Flag20
74-80 Scheuplein Carl (Vic) MM (SS) Henderson, NV.
Business Page,
81-85 Schollmann Gary UNKN Normal, IL. [FB]
70-72 Schue William D. E-5(SS)  
83-85 Schultz Jon P. EN (SS) [ Failed 8/12 ] Montesano, WA.
..-.. Schwartz Richard C. IC2(SS) [ Failed] Red Bank, NJ.
Scott Austin B. Jr. Lieutenant Engineering Officer. Aiken, SC.
Executive Officer USS Lewis and Clark (SSBN 644) Blue, Commanding Officer, USS Greenling (SSN 614),
SUBRON 6 Norfolk VA, COMSUBGRU 2 New London CT, COMSUBPAC (83-85) Pearl Harbor HI.
Retired as Rear Admiral.    [CAREER NOTES] Meghan Doane, Scott's Granddaughter.
59-64 Scott Gordon H. IC (SS) Cedar Hills, UT. [FB]
64-66 Scott William B. Jr. EMC(SS) [ Failed 8/12 ] Fairhope, AL.
86-87 Seckler Edwin M. ET1(SS) [ Failed 12/13 ] Casco, ME. [FB]
Self David L. Commander Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. (2012) Flag20
Commanding Officer, USS SHARK SSN591 1968-1972.
USS Razorback (SS 394), USS Scamp (SSN 588), Executive Officer USS Swordfish (SSN 579),
Executive Officer USS Daniel Boone (SSBN 629) Blue, Commanding Officer USS Lapon (SSN661).
60-.. Self George H. MMC(SS)  
86-90 Selinsky Chris W. TM3(SS) [ Failed ] Mahanoy City, Pa. [FB]
89*89 Sell Frank A. TM3(SS) Poulsbo, WA. [FB}
66-.. Sellers  H. C. CS2(SS)  
60-64 Semones Billy C. TM1(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. (1964) Flag20
Lost at Sea, Line of Duty USS Samuel B. Calhoun SSBN630
66-67 Senechal Paul C. Lieutenant  
71-74 Senn Clarence MM1(SS) York, SC. [FB]
86-87 Shannon Thomas R. EM2(SS) Burlington, MA. [FB]
84-87 Sheehy Scott MM2(SS)
80-83 Shewbridge David MM1(SS) Franklin, OH. [FB]
76-80 Shifflett Hubert Joe MS3(SS) Vero Beach, FL. [FB]
60-.. Shirley James H. YN (SS)  
86-88 Shoemaker Eric K. MM (SS) [ Failed ] Berea, WV.
76-77 Shogren Charles L. MM (SS) [ Failed ]
64*64 Sigs  Dean RM1(SS) 
81-82 Sigman  Dale Leutenant 
70-72 Simmers Keith E. E-6(SS) [FB]
80-84 Sims Lawrence ET3(SS) NY. [FB]
66-.. Singleton  R. G. FN(SS)  
60-.. Sisson Thomas U. Lieutenant [ Failed 9/11 ] Reactor ControlC Officer.
68-71 Slocum Charles STS3(SS) Moscow, PA.
..-.. Smith David R. HM1(SS) River Ridge, LA.
76-79 Smith Donald J. TMC(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. Flag20
76-80 Smith Lee R. MM3(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL) Waco, TX.
77-81 Smith Michael STSC(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. Flag20
77-80 Snowden Tom A. STS(SS) [ Failed ] Jupiter, FL.
60-64 Solomon Bernard H. STSC(SS) Lead Sonarman.
86-87 Southworth Chet EM1(SS/SW) Central TX.
85-.. Souza James G. ET (SS) [ Failed ] Groton, CT.
Spalinger Warren EM (SS) [ Failed 12/13 ] Port Orchard, WA. [FB]
Information: Worked at cutting up the SHARK ("Just part of the job.") May have a small amount of 1x2 inch pieces of Shark's hull for a re-union prize package.
80-83 Spampinato Anthony FTG2(SS) [FB] LPO Fire Control Division.
66-67 Spasiuk Michael G. TM2(SS) Bronx, NY.
83*83 Spear Joseph M. EMCS(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. (10/15/2016) Flag20
88-.. Spells Jimmy L. EM1(SS) Camden, AR.
86-90 Sperry Chris J. EM1(SS)  
71-74 Stams John P. RM (SS) [ Failed ] NC.
81-83 Stanback James A. MM (SS) [ Failed] Richmond, VA.
66-69 Stank Edward C. MMCM(SS) [ Failed 12/13 ] Goose Creek, SC. [FB]
81-83 Stanton Raymond K. E-5(SS)  
89*89 Starkey J. A. FTG2(SS)  
85-87 Staton Clayton QM3(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL)
60-62 Steinbauer James MM1(SS) St. Joseph, MI.
..-.. Stephenson Roger N. RM (SS)  
68-71 Stevens Douglas B. FTG1(SS) gonneur@gmail.comDallas, PA. [FB]
64-65 Stevens Doyle E. ETCS(SS) [ Failed ] Dothan, AL. [FB]
70-72 Stevens John E-7(SS)  
60-.. Stevenson Donald E. EN(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. (2013) Flag20
64-65 Stevenson Doyle ETR3(SS), USS Ray SSN-653
86-90 Stinnett David L. MM1(SS)  
64*64 Stout  Lester E. FN(SS) 
60-63 Strangeway Leon E. ENC(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. (2015) Flag20
  After Shark (circa 1963), assigned to USS Scorpion, SSN589. Upon leaving Scorpion (prior to 1968) he ultimately became a Lieutenant (LDO), served on Tenders, in Viet Nam, as a Legal Advocacy, and Reserve Mid-West Sub assignments; reverting back to E9 before retirement. (11/27/2013)
65-66 Sturgill  C. H. ICC(SS) 
60-.. Styer Robert T. Commander [ Failed 9/11 ] Exec Officer. Canaveral, FL.
60-.. Sutera Joseph A. RM (SS)  
68-69 Sutton John M. STS1(SS) Rockville, MD.
76-76 Sullivan Patrick L. E-8 (SS)  
63-66 Suveg  Richard D. ETR2(SS) Downingtown, PA.
80-83 Swan Randall W.Lieutenant Reading, PA.
76-80 Swanson PaulaFTG1(SS/DV) Cupertino, CA. Navy Diver. [FB]
65*65 Swartz UNKNEM1(SS)  
89*89 Swiegart J. A.MM3(SS)  
73-76 Talbot Roger L. HMC(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL)
76-80 Taschner Gregory Commander New Rockford, ND.
..-.. Tavares Robert A. STSC(SS) Pensacola, FL.
76-80 Taylor Douglas A. ET (SS) Keizer, OR.
60-.. Taylor James F. SK (SS)  
89-89 Taylor Reginald STS3(SS)  
89-89 Taylor Reginald STS3(SS)  
89-90 Taylor Steve A. MM3(SS) [FB]
86-86 Tedrow Mark E. IC (SS) [Failed 8/12] Coventry, RI.
84-93 Theil Robert R. ET2(SS)  
64-66 Thieme  Donald R. EN3(SS) Dallas, TX.
66-.. Thomas  H. R. MMC(SS)  
85-89 Thomas John W. FT (SS) [ Failed ]
70-73 Thompson Donald UNKN  
60-.. Tidmore Curtis A. ET (SS)  
73-76 Tindal Ralph L. Commander Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. (2012) Flag20
Executive Officer. Retired as Rear Admiral.    [PHOTO]
60-.. Todd Perry H. ET (SS)  
68-72 Tondre Claude J. Jr. ETN2(SS) San Antonio, TX.
..-63 Tolberd Gary D. E-6(SS)  
87-90 Torres Luis F. QMC(SS) Chesterton, IN  [FB]
66-.. Townley  C. R. SN(SS)  
88-90 Traver Rick J. ET1(SS) San Marcos, TX. [FB]
80-.. Travis Jon Lieutenant  
66-.. Traylor  G. W. MMCS(SS)  
87-90 Tree Richard J. MM1(SS) [ Failed ] Oakdale, CT.
80-80 Tresler David A. IC2(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL)
61-63 Trosper Barry R. MM1(SS) Paso Robles, Templeton, Morro Bay CA. [FB]
Barry's Home Page, Shark Home Page
89*89 Troupin Mark W. RM2(SS) [FB]
63-65 Trujillo Kenneth S. ETC(SS) [Failed] Alexandria, NH.
74-.. Turner Charlie MM (SS)  
72-.. Turner David UNKN  
70-73 Turner Jim Commander Navigator, operations officer.
79-80 Tyler Joseph M. TM (SS) [Failed 8/12] North Haven, CT.
80-83 Tyner Charles J. MMC(SS) [ Failed 12/13 ] New Bloomfield, CT.
..-.. Ulrich Tim E-9(SS)  
60-.. Uphold Albert L. Jr. EM1(SS)  
60-66 Vahey  William F. MM2(SS) [ Failed 9/11 ] Aquebogue, NY.
72-77 Vaile Bill R. STS1(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL)
Van Metre James Commander Commanding Officer, USS SHARK SSN591 1972-1977.
Retired as Captain.
89-89 Vanderwaal Bill R. QM2(SS) Chesapeake, VA.
81-.. Vargus Steve C. MM1(SS) Navy Diver. Brea, CA. [FB}
65*65 Van Pool UNKN ESM (SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. (2010 Est.)> Flag20
60-66 Vaughan  William J. FTG3(SS)  
88-.. Vega Miguel, Jr. SN (SU) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. (2011)> Flag20
60-.. Veitch Clarence E. SC1(SS)  
81-85 Verhasselt Scott J. MM (SS) [ Failed 8/12 ] Golden, CO. [FB]
88-.. Verhovsek Eber L. Lieutenant Damage Control Assistamt.
82-88 Vernier Eric UNKN Info request 8/2/2011. San Diego, CA. [FB]
68-72 Villania Romeo M. TM (SS) Norfolk, VA.
89-90 Vollmer Frank A. Jr. MM3(SS) [ Failed 12/13 ] Honolulu, HI. [FB]
69-73 Wachter Eric STS (SS) [ Failed ] Georgetown, TX.
60-.. Waddell Edgar SD (SS)  
59-66 Wagner  Arthur J. STCM(SS) Charlottesville, VA.
81-81 Wagner William R. YNC(SS) [ Failed ] Sandyville, WV.
71-73 Waldon   ET (SS) [ failed ] Gouverneur, NY.
68-68 Walker Paul R. MM (SS) [ Failed] Mexico, NY.
66-.. Walker  M. W. IC2(SS)  
71-76 Walls David M. ET (SS) Orange Park, FL. [FB]
60-.. Walton Louis A. IC (SS)  
84*84 Wanachek John FTG2(SS)  
88-.. Ward George W. MMC(SS)  
88-.. Ware Jesse R. MMC(SS) Chief of the Boat.
66-.. Washington  R. TN (SS)  
64-65 Webb Michael UNKN Temporary Active Duty.
83-86 Wehmanen Royal UNKN Duluth, MN. [FB]
84-84 Wells Keith TM2(SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. (Unkn) Flag20
60-62 Wells Russell G. MM3(SS) Paoli, IN.
66-.. West  G. W. RM2(SS)  
63-66 Westphahl  UNKN Lieutenant 
..-.. Wev B. N. Lieutenant  
66-.. Williams  J. D. Lieutenant  
66-.. Whitaker  E. H. EM1(SS)  
89*89 White F. W. QMC(SS)  
68-72 White Lloyd W. QM (SS) [ Failed ] Charlotte, NC.
89*89 White George W. SN(SU)  
83-86 White Thomas M. YN2(SS) (Scar Hayabusa) San Diego, CA. [FB]
77-81 Whitley Donald ET1(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL)
66-.. Wiley  J. W. MM2(SS)  
71-73 Wilkins Perry Commander Executive Officer.
84-86 Willenborg David FTG1(SS) Hollywood, MD. [FB]
61-63 Williams Vincent J. TM (SS) OR. [FB]
74-80 Williams Willie EM (SS) [ Failed 8/12 ] Oak Island, NC.
74-.. Willis John J. MMC(SS) Sebastian, FL.
89-.. Wilson Edmund G. Commander Executive Officer.
63-65 Wilson George W. ET1(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL)
89-89 Wilson J. L. ET3(SU)  
76-79 Wilson Patrick TM (SS) Flag20 This Sailor has rested his oar. (2002) Flag20
66-.. Wisdom  J. L. MM1(SS)  
79-79 Witt David A. ST (SS) [ Failed 8/12 ] Englewood, CO.
89-89 Witt Stephan R. MM3(SS) Bremerton, WA. [FB]
81-.. Wolff Steve Commander Engineering Officer.
62-64 Wolstenholme Albert QM1(SS) [ Failed ] Marysville, OH.
66-.. Woodard  Patrick M. ETN2(SS) [ Failed 8/12 ] Alpharetta, GA.
80-83 Woodring Lance UNKN  
68-71 Woodward Hubert J. ETN2(SS) Blind E-Mail, 06/08 (DE-CL)
73-.. Woods Willy CPO(SS) Chief of the Boat.
86-90 Woodworth Chris J. ET (SS)  
61-63 Wynne Joseph G. Jr. CS3(SS) (Sherry, Daughter) Owings, MD.
64-67 Young  James Jr. EN1(SS) Bonaire, GA.
60-.. Yuscavage John M. Lieutenant Supply Officer. Florence, MA.
73-76 Zastrow Stephen MMCS(SS)  
71-73 Zentz John ET1(SS) North Augusta, SC. [FB]
There is a port of no return, where ships
May ride at anchor for a little space.
And then, some starless night, the cable slips,
Leaving an eddy at the mooring place.
Gulls, veer no longer. Sailor, rest your oar.
No tangled wreckage will be washed ashore.
         ... Leslie Nelson Jennings
Lord God, our power evermore,
Whose arms doth reach the ocean floor,
Dive with our men beneath the sea;
Traverse the depths protectively.
O' hear us when we pray, and keep
Them safe from peril in the deep.
There are no roses on a Sailor's grave,
No lilies on an ocean wave.
The only tribute are the seagulls' sweeps,
And the teardrops that a sweetheart weeps.
Home is the sailor, home from the sea;
Her far-borne canvas furled
The ship pours shining on the quay
The plunder of the world.
Home is the hunter from the hill;
Fast in boundless snare
All flesh lies taken at his will
And every fowl of air.
'Tis evening on the moorland free,
The starlit wave is still;
Home is the sailor from the sea,
The hunter from the hill.
         ... A. E. Housman
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