Look for these when viewing Film Noir, or one claiming to be Film Noir.
      Of course, any single Film Noir can't be governed by all of these Key Words, but the mix of compatible Words make for better Film Noir.
      Realism and Documentary are not features of Noir and their inclusion should not detract from Drama.
      Notice my omission of Color and 3D as they detract from Noir.
      Remember folks, these were often 'B' movies made on limited budgets by starving producers and studios. There was no Film Noir genre when they were made.
1Black and White 5Direction, by director (not by name)
2Shadowing 6Suspense
3Photography (gulp, hard to assess) 7Drama
41st Person Monologues 8Danger
1Femme Fatale 8Good Guy, Unlikely Hero
2Torch Singer, Songtress 9Piano Player, Musician
3Good Girl (Girl Next Door) 10Bad Guy, Thug, Criminal
4Detective (-type), Inspector 11Gangsters, Mobsters, Henchmen
5Police, Cops, FBI, G- or T-Men 12Teamsters, Longshoremen, Organizers
6Doctors, Nurses, Ambulance Persons 13Newspaper Persons, Reporters
7Priest, Clergy 14Lawyers, especially Shysters
1Admiration, Love 7Revenge
2Confusion 8Sorrow
3Suspicion 9Heartbreak
4Jealousy 10Despair
5Resentment 11Fear
6Anger 12Doom
1Murder, Death, Mayhem 10Escape (From Incarceration)
2Accidental Death, Defensive 11Elude, Trick (Pursuer)
3Fights, Injuries 12Threats, Tough Talk
4Seduction 13Smoking; Cigars, Cigarettes, Tiparillos
5Sex (Allusion, During 1934 Code) 14Hiding Out
6Lie(s), Betrayal 15Show Down, Confrontation
7Go 'Dark', Commit Crime(s) 16Capture (From Pursuit)
8Blackmail, Extortion 17Retribution, Justice
9Kidnap, Ransoms 18Suicide, Attempted, Pretended
1Guns, Machine Guns, Rifles 7Cars, especially Coupes
2Knives, Swords, Hatchets 8Elevators, Staircases
3Neckties, Rope, Garrots 9Street Lights (dim), Street Signs
4Hats, Fedoras, Hidden Faces 10Neon Signs, especially flashing
5Rain, Raincoats 11Fires, especially by Arson
6Fog, Foghorns 12Gutters. Ponds, Pools
1Accommodations; Hotel, Motel, Apartments 4In Transit: Ship, Airplane, Train, Bus, Trailer
2Incarceration: Jail, Prison, Arrest-Hold 5Isolated Places: Alleys, Shacks, Islands
3Entertainment: Casinos, Saloons, Theaters,
Arenas, Speakeasies, Ballrooms
6Public Places: Diners, Courts, Shops, Parks,
Streets, Beaches, Docks and Piers
1The unexpected, unconventional 2Lack of a happy or 'Hollywood' ending

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