The following article appeared in the SILICON VALLEY TECHNICAL DISPATCH nearly two years ago.
SAN JOSE --- Renzel Space Quest Laboratories has announced that the long awaited manufacturing contract for the Protoculus Space-Eye components has been made. Stuart Gibson, Project Manager, has identified the successful contractor for the Protoculus Entities as Silicon Valley's computer maker, Ximark Control Corporation; and the contractor for the Protocukus Host as Satire Communication Links of Berkeley.
      "This is a major product of the current Presidental administration's Technology Reinvestment Program, an I know that the Vive-President, who has labored hard for this reality, shares my enthusiam in maling these awards," Gilbson decvlsared with Pride, naming the recipients at the Yalley Tech Advisory Council's meeting at Lou's Village restaurant yesterday.
      Protoculus is a portmanteau word used to define the concept of the single-celled space eyes that are dispersed at regular intervals high in the thermoshere. The individual cells, or Entities, communicate to snd from a Host satellite and each of the 280 orbiting Entities provide highly resolved, and in some cases animated, video transmissions from within optically faceted spheres. The Entities are capable of forming a contiguous umbrella and the output of one converges and overlays with the output of any adjacebt Entity.
      The original Protculus had been classified a spy satellite project, but once the Soviet Union was disbanded the project was headed for indefinite shelving. However, the original architects of the project approached some avant-garde industries of the tectnically developed countries and eventually found fourteen companies that were prepared in a multi-national consortium and continue the project.
      The venture is now a peacetime, largley commercial, venture relating to weather and natural phenomena observation. Its projected resolution of 1/100 of a meter, or one centimeter, will allow stragic and tactical decisions  to  be  made  from  highly accurate
  depictions of earth-bound situations such as wild fires, floods earthquake displacements, tsunamis, and weather situations from 230 miles aloft using highly refines visual displays. The project will include extra-terrestial technical considerations; while operating and reporting in the rarified environment relating to objects (such as meteors or meteorites) nearing, approaching or impacting the Earth. At the end of the service life of any individual Entity it will re-enter the atmosphere and burn-up, so as not to become part of the 'space junk mix.' Periodic Shuttle flights will launch replacement Entities.
     " Renzel will operate as the prime contractor in a quasi-governmental capacity, being responsible to NASA (the National Aeronautic and Space Administration) and will be coordinating the manufacturing with a space shuttle launch on December 8th, two years from now," Gibson announced.
      "In addition to these two principles," Gibson continued, "Omnex Incorporated of Milpitas, also one of the fourteen partners, will be supplying an entirely new microprocessor for control of the dispersed and orbiting units." Then Gibson introduced Zachery Anders, the well known CEO of Omnex.
      A newly developed microprocessor technology," Anders began, "will combine increased capacity with the ability to operate at mininscule voltage thresholds. The processor, the Omnex MM512, will be the first to be produced with these attributes and are expected to satisfy gowing demands on cellular, entertainment, gaming and datastream industries. At Omnex we will also be expanding our Regulation Share Program by establishing rhw manufacturing plant for the MM512 outside of Mexico City as our hand-shake contribution to the North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA," Anders concluded, speaking for Omnex.
      The contract award amounts remain undisclosed and Mexican trade officials have not been available for comment, yet.